Guide to help you select the right simulator  

What space do I need?
  1. The most important part for your simulator is the space you have available. This is where most problems arise. We give a minimum requirement of 10ft W x 9ft H x 17ft L but this guide varies on your package.
  2. We don't require any special flooring or electrical outputs. (your simulator will only need 3 standard plug sockets or an extension lead)
  3. Apex Roofs can be tricky as most cause problems with fitting enclosures and when installing projectors they can be an issue. We have created solutions for customers with a  floor mounted projector and retractable impact screens. 
  4. WIFI is not required but it is recommended as some golf courses are online only.
  5.  Can my simulator be used outside? Yes most simulators we sell you can use outside.

What simulator would suit me?

We advise based on the results and feedback from customers. We are trading with many companies but always give our honest opinion.

2023 saw the launch of Sky Trak Plus and this at the moment is the best simulator on the market. Its accuracy is 99.7% after our tests and is ahead by along way. These numbers along with the capability of adding golf courses to play makes it the best on the market. It can be used indoors/outdoors and no special ball is required so you can use your normal ball.  

We have broken down below as a guide from our experience of what sim you may go for based on handicap and use.

Can I play courses & Can you putt on the simulator?

Yes, All our top simulators have the option to add golf course software. You can purchase anytime after you recieve your simulator

Important facts about getting the golf courses added. You will need a certain laptop to run the software which can also be provided. You will need WIFI for full access to the courses. There is an annual fee or a onetime life subscription. 

Average cost for a laptop and lifetime subscription is  €2,670.

Some of our packages already include this but please make sure to read the description.

Putting- Yes your simulator will be capable of putting functions. 

What package suits me best?

This is down to your budget and what you want to get from your simulator. We created packages for most budget ranges to give a guide for our customers of how much it will cost. We pride ourselves on the most affordable on the market with the best quality equipment.

As no two simulators are ever the same because of the different space/needs. We will tailor your package for your perfect simulator.

We provide free quotes so contact us today and we can help get you started.

Projectors & Mats

We provide a one stop shop. Projectors come in different options and we have floor mounted & ceiling mounted available. Depending on your space we will advise which one will be best.

Mats are premium fairway  with built in wrist protection. Tees are provided with our packages for these mats.

Installation & Delivery

We install anywhere in Ireland. Delivery time varies but on average 3/4 weeks.

Payment & Refunds & warranty

All invoices are due upfront

We offer 30 day money back guarantee 

All our equipment comes with 2 year warranty

Aftersales care

We provide online support and phone support.

Optional €100 Annual Fee for aftercare which covers general wear & tear & Support

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